Jennifer Westmoreland

17:18 5th December 2006
Whatever you want to say about Pete Doherty’s private life, he is a brilliant songwriter and lyricist, and ‘The Blinding’ is a fine example of his talent.  Its style is instantly recognisable as classic Babyshambles at their best, and the moving lyrics give the 5-track CD a heartfelt intensity rarely heard.  ‘Love You But You’re Green’ sounds almost like a confession: “I was a troubled teen”, but the past tense is telling, and the whole EP gives out a feeling of glowing optimism for the future.  ‘I Wish’ shows a quirky, offbeat side to the band, with a definite ska influence, seen before on tracks like ‘Pentonville’ from Down In Albion.  Album closer ‘Sedative’ leaves the listener with a positive attitude and reflects the band’s feelings of reawakening and rebirth: “It’s been a long long time since I stepped outside into the morning sun” Doherty remarks, and lucky for us that he has, as this EP truly is blinding.