Madonna, Eminem and Kanye West weren't always that cool
Alexandra Pollard
13:20 18th May 2016

As it turns out, even the most effortlessly cool musicians - the ones you had up on your bedroom wall, and whose hair and clothes you tried and failed to pull off - had something of a rough puberty.

Once you become a household name, you can head into the attic and destroy all photographic evidence that you were ever a teenager - but there's one photo you can't get rid of. Because it was sent out to everyone you went to school with. Here's 16 musician's brilliant yearbook photos.

Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain

Iggy Azalea (FKA Amethyst Kelly)

Gwen Stefani

Bruce Springsteen

Marilyn Manson (FKA Brian Warner)

Kanye West

She & Him’s Zooey Deschanel

Snoop Dogg

John Mayer


Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler

Christina Aguilera



Katy Perry (FKA Katheryn Hudson)

Kiss’ Gene Simmons (FKA Chaim Witz)