The Mercury judge talks to us about being Morrissey's pen pal + what the future holds
Andrew Trendell
15:35 21st November 2015

"It was amazing, yeah - he made me little cards with notes saying 'great show tonight, love Morrissey'," Anna Calvi bashfully tells Gigwise of the honour she had of going on tour with The Smiths icon. "I was just like 'oh my God' - I'll keep them forever. I have them somewhere very special. Maybe I should frame them or something. We met like once, but after that we were more like pen pals."

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It's no surprise that her and Morrissey should hit it off so well. They both share a love of Morricome-esque melodramatic romance, and Calvi has been incredibly consistent.

We catch up with Calvi at the Mercury Music Prize, where not only is she a judge but twice herself a nominee - the last time was for 2013's cinematic opus, One Breath. While we're keeping ourselves busy spinning the likes of 'Rider To The Sea' and 'Suddenly' while scouring Youtube for her cover of 'Wolf Like Me', we can't help but ask about progress on her new album.

"It's going well, I'm just writing it at the moment," she replies, "then I'll probably be recording it quite soon." 

And where will it take Calvi's epic sound from here?

"That's a very tricky question," Calvi replies. "I think it's just consolidating all of the ideas I've had so far and trying to make something as strong a vision as I can. I think there will be songs that are larger and some that are more intimate - I like the idea of extremes, that's something that I'm excited by."

So there are no plans to go electro or speed metal?

"You never know, there's still time."

Watch our interview with Anna Calvi above