Enjoy a new lease of life from the former Supergrass hero
Andrew Trendell

12:19 28th October 2015

One of the year's most pleasant surprises in music has been the rebirth of former Supergrass drummer and songwriter Danny Goffey. Vangoffey is the sound of an artist with an intrinsic wit and style of his own, having the time of his life. 

Watch Vangoffey perform 'Phil's Dummy' for the Gigwise Office Sessions below

"They're brilliant and just really honest," says bandmate and Babyshambles Drew McConnell of Danny's solo songs. "They're from Danny's singular and idiosyncratic perspective of the world around him. If you know Danny well, then the songs make you dance but they also make you laugh."

He continued: "I would say that I love being around Danny because he sees the humour in every situation - even if he's stressed or if someone has been mean to him. He'll look at you and say the one thing that could be funny about that situation. It's been a joy to be in a band with him." 

That joy runs throughout Take Your Jacket Off & Get Into It - and the charming 'Phil's Dummy'. 

Watch Vangoffey perform 'Phil's Dummy' below

Take Your Jacket Off & Get Into It is out now. 

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