Prepare to get jealous
Elliot Mitchell

15:27 31st August 2014

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Without doubt one of the most eclectic festivals in the world, Burning Man operates on a completely different level to every other event over the summer. See the extraordinary shots below.

With a cashless economy, Burning Man operates on barter and gifts alone, whilst the huge five mile site means this specific area in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada becomes one of the strangest towns in the world for one week every year. There has been some grumbling in the US press about the number of extremely wealthy guests ruining the spirit of the festival but the shots below confirm it really is like no other place on Earth.

Unfortunately we couldn't make it out there this year (plane tickets don't come cheap), but a quick search of instagram (and a little help from Refinery29) this has already got us insanely jealous about this year's event.

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