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Watch: Lorde's full set from Coachella Festival 2014

The singer performed at the festival for the first time


Watch: Lorde's full set from Coachella Festival 2014 Photo: Screenshot

Lorde made her Coachella debut last night (13 April), to perform a 45 minute set to a packed and largely enthusiastic crowd. Watch the full performance below.

The New Zealand singer performed nine songs during the set, and her minimalistic, haunting repertoire was perfectly suited to an evening slot in the windy Californian darkness.

Amongst Lorde's set were 'Tennis Court, 'Team' and the song that catapulted her to fame, 'Royals'. And no, that's not a wind machine, there was actually quite a sand-storm brewing.

Watch Lorde's full Coachella set below

"Coachella, it is so good to meet you" said the ever-polite singer, before launching into new single 'Tennis Court'. "Thank you for sitting out here all day in the dust and the sun, I really fucking appreciate it."

The first weekend of Coachella comes to an end tonight (13 April), but it returns next weekend (18-20 April) where the same line-up of acts will perform again.

Lorde performed:

Glory and Gore
Biting Down
Tennis Court
White Teeth Teens
Buzzcut Season
A World Alone

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