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Delphic: 'We just wanted big fat bass on the album'

Interview - Manchester band discuss new album Collections and newfound sound


Delphic: 'We just wanted big fat bass on the album' Photo:

Delphic return this week with their new album Collections, set to follow up the hype built up in 2010 when they hit the music scene with their debut release, Acolyte.

A hugely different collection to their first, Collections is a more measured, paced release, ditching the furious synth sounds heard on singles such as 'Doubt' and 'Halycon' for a more mature sound - as heard on current single, 'Baiya'.

The Manchester band dropped into the Gigwise offices recently to discuss the transition from first album to second, their move from synths to a more sampled-based sound plus the influence of working with big name producers such as Ben Allen and Tim Goldsworthy and why they just wanted a 'big fat bass' sound on the album...

Check out our full interview with Delphic below.

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