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The Neighbourhood on album leaks, Black & White mixtape & DJ Drama

The California boys also name their favourite album of the past year


The NBHD on album leaks, Black & White mixtape and DJ Drama Photo: Press

Everything about The Neighbourhood (or The NBHD) screams rock n roll. From the way they look to the way their stage setup is laid out to how rebellious the band's lead singer, Jesse Rutherford, is they are rock n roll. However, when it comes to their sound they're a melting pot of all genres. Incorporating elements of rock, hip-hop, soul, indie, blues, R&B, grunge, and more, it's actually very hard to categorise the music they create. 

Asking the boys about how they would describe the music they make, Gigwise sat down with Rutherford and his fellow bandmates backstage at Reading Festival a few weeks back. Discussing album leaks and how they view them in this internet-driven industry, they also touched upon their impressive mixtape #000000 & #FFFFFF (which is the html code for black and white) and how much it cost to get mixtape hosting king DJ Drama to host it.

Asked about what their favourite album is of the past 12 months, the answer might surprise some. What won't be a surprise to the band's core fanbase is that fact that the interview is screened in black and white. For those that don't know, aside from it being something the band have done since day one, in 2014 Rutherford found out he was colourblind so to him it then made sense why they've always done it. So music videos, photographs, interviews, they're all done in black and white. 

Watch the interview above and download for free their #000000 & #FFFFFF mixtape here.


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