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by Gaby Whitehill | Photos by WENN

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Photos: Beyonce crops Kelly Rowland out of Aaliyah Instagram tribute

Beyonce puts herself in the middle of image


Photos: Beyonce crops Kelly Rowland out of Aaliyah Instagram tribute Photo: WENN

Beyonce has been accused of more shade-throwing at former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland after she cropped Kelly out of an image she posted on her Instagram account.

Beyonce was one of many who paid tribute to late singer Aaliyah on January 16 (what would have been the 'Rock The Boat' star's 35th birthday) by posting a black and white image of herself and Aaliyah with the caption "God bless baby girl."

However, fans were quick to notice Bey's former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland had also posted the same image hours before Beyonce but with one major difference - Kelly is actually in the photo, and Beyonce cropped Rowland out of her version. 



Many were quick to take this as a major diss to Rowland, with some commenters even calling Beyonce "evil". "Lol Beyonce used to be cool. What a trifling b*tch now though," said one Instagram user. 

It's not the first time Beyonce's been accused of dissing Rowland recently. In December, old footage surfaced of a young Destiny's Child being interviewed, with Kelly Rowland calling herself the "second lead vocalist" of the group. Beyonce is then clearly seen stage-coughing and making a face at Kelly's comment. 

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