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Listen: Hurts return with new single 'Some Kind Of Heaven'

Theo and Adam are back with massive new track


Hurts Some Kind Of Heaven single from new album revealed - listen Photo: Press/Neil Krug

Hurts are back with a new single from their forthcoming third album. Check out 'Some Kind Of Heaven' below. 

"I am ready for the rapture, I am reaching for the light - but my heart screams hallelujah when I hear your battle cry," croons Theo Hutchcraft in the opening to the band's launch single - packed with all of the heavy melodrama and string-laden romance that you've grown to love them for, but packed with a greater sense of chart-friendly pop anthemics, and more hooks than a tackle shop. 

Think Depeche Mode meets Kylie Minogue, but it's so, so Hurts. 

Listen to 'Some Kind Of Heaven' below

"Considering the types of song we wrote on our second record, we go in the direction of a song like 'The Crow' for instance, which is like a Tarintino-esque mid-Western American sound, or we could go down the route of a song like 'The Road' which is very Nine Inch Nails or we could go the opposite way entirely and make a huge pop record but I guess that it will always fit with us," Theo told Gigwise about their next record last year. 

He continued: "We always try to make an album that covers all points of interest and I think that we're developing. Doing these two records and pushing it to the extreme in a pop sense with a song like 'Stay' and then turning around and doing the opposite, we now know the boundaries in which we exist."

Their third album, the follow-up to 2013's Exile, has been produced by Jonas Quant and is due for release later this year. 

Below: Stunning, exclusive photos of Hurts at The Troxy, London

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