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Elton John and John Lennon hid from Andy Warhol during cocaine binge

'Paranoid' Beatles star refused artist entry to hotel


Elton John and John Lennon hid from Andy Warhol during cocaine binge Photo:

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Elton John has discussed his former drug use, revealed how he once hid from legendary artist Andy Warhol during a cocaine binge with Beatles icon, John Lennon.

The 'Rocket Man' star has spoken openly during his career about his former addiction problems, but has now revealed how Lennon's paranoia led the duo to ignore Warhol when he turned up at a hotel room in which the two were partying.

"I can remember being stoned out of our mind on coke at the Sherry-Netherland hotel, and at two in the morning, there would be a knock on the door," says Elton John in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. "It took me five minutes to get to get the door because I was so paranoid, but it was Andy fucking Warhol.

"I said, 'It's Andy Warhol,' and he (Lennon) said, 'Don't f**king let him in! He'll have a camera and everything!' So we just waited for him to leave."

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