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Rihanna sends pizza and towels to queueing Manchester fans

Fans who'd been standing in the rain all day were richly rewarded


Rihanna sends pizza, towels to fans in Manchester tour dates Photo: Twitter

Rihanna sent pizza and towels to her fans queueing in the rain outside Manchester’s Old Trafford last night (29 June).

After kicking off her UK tour at Wembley on Friday (26 June), before stopping off at Coventry and Glasgow, the singer played a final night at Manchester’s Old Trafford last night. Some fans queued all day in the rain to get a good place for the show - and it didn’t go unnoticed.

As has been pretty heavily documented on Twitter, Rihanna sent 20 boxes of pizza - some of which are said to have been signed, though we can’t find any evidence of that - as well as dry towels by way of thanking them. 

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