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Rihanna shocks Twitter fans with photos of stripper party

The always-controversial star is seen showering women with cash at bar


Rihanna shocks Twitter fans with photos of stripper party Photo:

Even Rihanna must be bored of being controversial by now. The 'We Found Love' star has raised eyebrows by posting a series of photos of her partying with bikini-clad women in a US strip bar.

The photos show Rihanna showering the strippers with cash, while one woman appears to perform a sex act on another.

As she posted the photos on Twitter, she said to fans: "Best stress reliever= $tripper$. Kill it Tip it #Cake," before adding "#ROCstarshit my daddy would be proud."

Rihanna recently unveiled the video to her new single, 'Where Have You Been'. This week she has also been rumoured to have landed a role in the next Fast & Furious sequel and been called 'better than The Beatles' by Tony Blackburn. Just a typical week then...

See Rihanna's twit-pics below

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