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MKS, Haim, The Other Tribe: Best new tracks of the week

Earl Sweatshirt, Haim, Ski Lodge, Gems, Fractures, AlunaGeorge and more


MKS, Haim, The Other Tribe: Best new tracks of the week Photo: Mutya Keisha Siobhan / Facebook

Another week has come to an end and we've been pretty spoilt for new music over the past seven days. Sure, we may still be waiting on a Daft Punk track, but that void has been filled by some great new tracks and we have got something to keep the French duo's fans going for another week in the form of one of the best mash-ups of the year so far.

If that wasn't enough, then we've got the next single from the original Sugababes and believe us when we say it's better than we could have ever imagined. This week has also brought us one of the hottest Australian artists around along with another talented artist breaking out of the Odd Future mould. 

We've got a mixture of new tracks, covers and remixes to suit your every desire this weekend, whether you're going out, staying in or even planning a summer festival. 


Haim - 'Falling' (Duke Dumont Remix)
When two of the hottest new artists of 2013 come together to bring us a remix, we know we are in for a treat. We weren't disappointed either as Duke Dumont takes another pop hit to the dance music masses. Haim's original version of 'Falling' is pretty infectious as it is, but laced with Dumont's floating synths and dance beat it becomes a totally different listen.


The Hood Internet - 'Suit And Commercial' (Justin Timberlake x Daft Punk)
We haven't been given the 13/3/13 Daft Punk release we were all so desperately hoping for, so this will have to do for now. Chicago duo The Hood Internet have taken the loop from the recent Daft Punk advert and turned Justin Timberlake's 'Suit & Tie' into one hell of a funky mash-up. The pair have managed to mix JT's pretty average track into one of our favourites of the week. Pretty impressive considering The Hood Internet only had 15-seconds of Daft Punk to play with.


Fractures - 'Twisted'
Another incredible new artist to come out of Australia with this hauntingly fragile number that instantly crawls under your skin - in a good way. 'Twisted' is the first track from Fractures, aka Mark Zito's forthcoming debut EP and it's some way to announce yourself. Beautifully produced with both electronic and instrumental elements that head-bobbingly beat away alongside Zito's beautifully fragile vocals.


MKS - 'Lay Down In Swimming Pools'
Who really would have thought the original Sugababes would have returned with a track as painfully cool as this? It says a lot for Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan's that they have opted to go down their own route whilst their pop peers have signed up for ITV2's The Big Reunion. With help from alt-producer Dev Hynes, MKS have delivered just over three minutes of undeniably cool pop music. Supported by a Kendrick Lamar sample the trio show just why any mixture of Sugababes after them just didn't work.


Sportsman - 'Rally' (ft. Linnea Jonsson)
Per Magnusson's introspective single has to be on any tracks of the week list. The Swedish artist employs the help of his girlfriend and former Those Dancing Days' frontwoman Linnea Jonsson to add to the blissful melancholy of Sportsman's debut release. The fact that pair are in a relationship only adds to the effortless romanticism of the track that echoes through both their voices. Softly rolling piano and a delicate drum beat make for a pretty catchy modern-day love song.


The Other Tribe - 'We should be Dancing'
As the Bristol group are currently working on the eagerly anticipated debut album, they have kindly decided to treat us to a free download of 'We Should Be Dancing'. If you're heading to any summer festival this year, we suggest you stick this on your iPod before you go. 'We should Be Dancing' oozes sunshine and a Depeche Mode style bassline that makes the track instantly memorable. The driving percussion and disco groove make sure The Other Tribe won't need to say 'We Should Be Dancing' to their festival crowds this summer.


AlunaGeorge - 'I Wanna Be Like You' (Jungle Book)
Radio 1's live lounge is often a popular place for up and coming artists to choose a random song to cover to variying degrees of success. AlunaGeorge still managed to shock a lot of people with their cover of The Jungle Book's 'I Wanna Be Like You' and we were even more shocked by how good it was. The duo put their own spin on the Disney film soundtrack breathing a new jazzy life into a children's favourite. Relive a part of your childhood with Aluna's ice-cool vocals.


Ski Lodge – 'Just To Be Like You' 
For some reason you can hear a Brooklyn-based band from a mile off and New York City's very own Ski Lodge capture the best hallmarks of a Brooklyn band with 'Just To Be Like You'. Frontman Andrew Marr's wounded soul type vocals add an interesting element to what is otherwise a breezy summer ditty. Short bursts of intricate guitar and Marr's Morrissey-esque sighs deliver a track that will stay with for all of the right reasons this week.


Gems – 'Never Age' 
Washington duo Gems bring us an utterly hypnotic three minutes of music that drifts in and out of haunting vocals in front of a dreamy melody. The B-side to their forthcoming single, 'Never Age' sees Linsday Pitts' voice wishfully exclaim, "if only we could stay like this forever" across sparse bass notes and rolling percussion. This track is an exciting step for the US duo who are only just starting to cut their teeth.


Earl Sweatshirt - 'Whoa' 
In a world where too many hip-hop artists are turning to dance producers to give them chart success, Sweatshirt is a breath of fresh air simply for sticking to his guns and making good rap music that leaves more of an imprint thant any David Guetta mix ever will. 'Whoa' is meant to be a light-hearted track and seems to be a more relaxed version of Odd Future. Sweatshirt demonstrates his rapping skills managing to reference Star Wars, Harrys Potter and Basketball in a matter of heavily rhymed lines. Not one to miss out, Tyler, The Creator supplies the hook and piano backing that make the track such an eay listen.

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