The rock icon returns with a new sound

12:54 30th March 2015

It takes a special something to survive in rock n' roll, let alone become a modern day icon, but Marilyn Manson is a true force of nature. His new album, The Pale Emperor, marks his finest work in years. The tornado keeps on spinning. 

Watch our interview with Marilyn Manson in the video above

"I've never tried to be feminine or androgynous, it just seemed like this is the way I want to look," Manson tells Gigwise. "That ends up being some kind of strange pattern that causes a lot of problems for me - but I'm meant be chaos, so you can't ever complain ever.

"When you start a tornado, and you are the tornado. Do not bitch about being the tornado."

He added: "Rock's not dead, it just needs a kick up the ass."

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