Oh it's on now

11:18 26th March 2015

Chipmunk is having a bit of a bad week after sending for various MC's, now Iggy Azalea has thrown her hat into the ring. Watch below.

First Big Nartsie laughed off Chipmunk's diss and offered his help to other MC's wanting to beef him.

Then Bugzy Malone dropped his incredible 'Relegation Riddim' response along with Devilman's rather graphic riposte. But now, thanks to the animation skills of Youtuber Olly Hunter, Iggy has brought the smack down. Thing is noone knows what the hell she's saying...

Watch Iggy Azalea send for Chipmunk below

Now it remains to be seen, who will be going after Chipmunk next, although at this stage it looks like it's game over for poor old Chip. Bad times.