Wait until you see Grimace
Ed Keeble

10:13 5th January 2015

Here's something you weren't expecting: there's a band out there called Mac Sabbath, who are a McDonald's themed Black Sabbath tribute band.

Following closely in the footsteps of novelty acts like The Pizza Underground, these guys take it to the next level by dressing up in full McDonalds kit. By that we mean you get Ronald McDonald on vocals, Grimace on bass and a satanic Mayor McCheese on guitar. Rock and roll.

Watch Mac Sabbath perform 'Frying Pan' below

Described as Drive-Thru metal, under their watchful eye 'Iron man' becomes 'Frying Pan', 'Paranoid' becomes 'Pair-a-buns'. They also perform the hits with 'Sweet Beef' and 'Chicken for the Slaves'.