We speak to the fast rising British rapper
Ed Keeble

12:20 18th September 2014

It's a little bit redundant putting the 'not safe for work' tag on this article, because anyone who has seen Dirty Dike perform will know already one of the rudest and most ridiculously talented British rappers out there.

Dike (although his friends call him James) has a distinct penchant for lyrical honesty and what ensues is a larger than life character that is both allegorical, funny and isn't afraid to say what everyone is thinking - even if it is raw as it gets.

Watch Dirty Dike discuss his career in the video above

Part of the blossoming UK hip hop label High Focus, Dike has been picking up large amounts of steam over the past year, culminating in a booking for Reading and Leeds festival last month. It was the first time we've seen him perform and he didn't disappoint, getting a huge reaction from the crowd he proved that he's an artist you can expect to be hearing a lot more of in the future...

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