Taiwanese animation is all the explanation you need
Alexandra Pollard

12:11 16th August 2014

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After Kanye West's longtime DJ, Mano, was fired by the rapper for undisclosed reasons, Taiwanese animators have produced a brilliant's bizarre video detailing their interpretation of events.

The video begins, "Word around the internets is that there's trouble in Yeezyland as Kanye West has decided to part ways with DJ Mano, probably because Mano can't DJ very well."

The accompanying animation sees West get so enraged with Mano's various displays of incompetence that, eventually, his head explodes.

Watch 'Kanye West fires DJ Mano for being too awesome at deejaying' below

The video's description is also pretty wonderful, describing Kanye West as a "rapper, producer and incredibly annoying human being." 

Check out some of Mano's live-action errors below

After news of his firing broke yesterday, Mano took to Twitter to hit out at fans of Kanye who were happy about his departure, calling them "low key gay" and insisting that they should admit their "homosexuality". Not bitter and bigotted at all then... 

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