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by Edward Keeble

Tags: Green Day

Drummer scores viral hit playing every Green Day song in 5 minutes

A rather impressive feat


Drummer scores viral hit playing every Green Day song in 5 minutes


Famous Youtube drummer Kye Smith has managed to squeeze every Green Day ever song into a 5 minute cavalcade of drum covers, scoring himself a viral hit in the process. Check it out below.

Part of the bloggers drum chronology series, it shows him take five seconds of each track in chronological order from the band's extensive discography. So we see Kye go all the way from Dookie to American Idiot seamlessly and in barely the blink of an eye. If you are a drummer or a fan of Green Day it's well worth checking out.

Watch Kye Smith cover every Green Day song below

This follows on from group Superfruit who covered every song on the new Beyoncé's new record in the space of five minutes. We wonder what's next? Perhaps someone should do the same thing with the Beatles or The Rolling Stones. Now that would be incredibly impressive. 

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