Band talk major labels, Scottish culture and being a little bit socially awkward
michael baggs
14:16 4th February 2013

Frightened Rabbit release their fourth album this week - but Pedestrian Verse is the record set to propel these Scots into the mainstream.

The album is already one of our favourites of 2013, and suggests that Frightened Rabbit have only just started to show us what they are capable of. Pedestrian Verse sees the band taking the best parts of everything they've done before, and moving forward with it.

The record is the band's first release on Atlantic Records - a major label - and when we caught up with them, members Scott and Grant Hutchison were quick to reassure fans that their move to a major hasn't changed the band in the slightest.

The band spoke to Gigwise about the impact of signing to a major label, the influence of Scottish culture on their music and whether or not they'd be able to take Biffy Clyro on in a fight...

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Frightened Rabbit's new album Pedestrian Verse is out now.

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