Brighton exports perform stunning version of downtempo new single
michael baggs
12:59 11th December 2012

Cave Painting are a band forging their own brand of calmingly tropical alternative pop music. Hailing from different areas of the UK, the quintet met and created a base in Brighton, where they learnt to play together.

Frontman, Adam Kane believes they owe their unique sound to hours of playing together and not having pressure to do live shows before they were ready.

Kane told Gigwise: "When we first started the band we weren't looking to play shows and were just focused on rehearsing and writing which was more important to us."

"That gave us a lot of freedom and all the lads have such different influences that it all ties together and that's what makes us sound different I guess."

Kane knows it's been a huge year for the Cave Painting, which has included a tour supporting Mercury Prize Award winners, Alt-J and seeing debut album 'Votive Life', receive rave reviews.

"The album coming out was everything we have worked towards and it's exciting to see people's reactions to it."

Watch Cave Painting perform 'Leaf' below

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Kane couldn't speak highly enough of the band's time supporting Alt-J and even admitted placing a bet that they would win the Mercury Prize Award for album of the year.

"Every Alt-J show was really, really good. I had money on them to win the Mercury. I wish I had put more on but I don't usually gamble. There was such a strong category, but from touring with them we knew they had a good chance."

Admirers of Cave Painting will already know that they like to look after their fans. Giving away music is something that they like to do every now and then to get their music to as many ears as possible.

Kane continued: "Music is so accessible these days. It's better for more people to hear it, hopefully enjoy it and be more inclined to come to our shows which is really important to us. Playing to busy shows is what we want to do."

New single 'Leaf' will be out on January 28 2013 and is a beautifully delicate track that is an absolute treat to hear played acoustically. Luckily, these sessions are being recorded as the band have decided to package 'Leaf' as a sessions EP, taking audio from three sessions and adding them to the single release. It's an idea that frontman Kane believes gives fans more for their money and something a bit different at the same time.

He said: "We wanted to do something different and just wanted to have some other takes on the song. It's nice to have some extra content that isn't just remixes."

Cave Painting will be embarking on their first headline tour in January and February next year. The five-piece are also hoping to to go over to the US as well as performing at some UK festivals.

Kane discussed the band's plans for 2013: "After the UK tour we are going to America to play South By South West and hopefully we'll stay there for a bit or get on a tour over there. We want to do a lot of UK festivals which we kind of stayed away from last year."

The Leaf EP is release 28 January, 2013