Liam Fray on his Manchester fanbase, keeping venues open and new sound
michael baggs
14:20 23rd November 2012

The Courteeners scored Top Ten hits with their first two albums St. Jude and Falcon, chalking up a number of Top Forty hits along the way. Now, the band are back with third release ANNA - but this time around, the band admit they stand little chance of scoring another hit single.

The band aren't sad about this however, as frontman Liam Fray tells us. After all, he says, if the Arctic Monkeys can only reach No.21 covering The Beatles, every other indie band is going to struggle. The Courteeners have a huge Manchester fanbase backing them though - so anything is possible, and Fray reveals that having such a devoted following is better than selling millions of albums anyway.

He also discusses the struggles young indie bands are facing, why it is so important to keep small music venues open across the country and why Jake Bugg is 'so important' to young people...

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