Lady Gaga performed at the opening of the Baku European games
Heather Nash
10:07 18th June 2015

Lady Gaga lent her powerhouse vocals to a stunning cover of John Lennon's 'Imagine' in her opening performance of the Baku European Games. Check it out below. 

From behind a piano bedecked in foliage and flowers Lady Gaga performed the Lennon classic with infinite class. The audience cheered at the instantly recognisable opening bars, but the stadium was held spell bound for the rest of the performance as Gaga's exquisite vocals lulled them into quiet.

It may be said that her incredibly smooth voice and amazing range are better suited for these types of ballads, and this is certainly one of her best live performances. Varying from towering choruses to whispered verses Lady Gaga's version of the song was certainly something else.

Watch Lady Gaga performing 'Imagine' at the opening ceremony of the Baku European games here: