Sean Slingsby

12:48 12th March 2008

‘No Lucifer’ is the second single to be released from British Sea Power’s acclaimed album, ‘Do You Like Rock Music?’ In keeping with their style, it’s packed with abstract lyrical references – amongst them the Pope’s wartime exploits and wrestler Big Daddy – there’s enough wordplay to keep you guessing for many weeks to come. What really matters, though, is the music, and on this front ‘No Lucifer’ doesn’t disappoint. After a gradually building intro, at the twenty second mark its goodbye sparse and hello anthem. From then on, the drums relentlessly drive the song underneath a chorus of vast proportions. Hamilton provides a whimsical but thoroughly charged vocal, and the recurring chant of “Easy! Easy!” gives ‘No Lucifer’ its powerful identity.

Released 10/03/08 on Rough Trade.

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