Steve Harris
12:44 19th September 2007

When a song starts with ex-DFA 1979 member, Sebastien Granger, screaming “Let’s make out! Let’s make out! Let’s make out!” you know it’s going to be a sleazy affair. And the latest offering from the electronic duo with the incredibly stupid name - Does It Offend You, Yeah? - doesn’t disappoint. The dirty basslines and synth noise are the perfect match to lines like “When I get down all by myself/it’s you that I think about.” The Death From Above sound doesn’t stop at the intro either although there’s more than a smattering of disco punk in there too. Frontman Morgan Yeah?’s vocals are a mix of Grainger himself and The Rapture’s Luke Jenner. Not the most sophisticated song I’ll warrant you, but a great and grimy dance tune perfect for those sweaty nights out. The band are offering 'Let's Make out,' as a free download but UK mailing list members can also receive a free limited edition 5” vinyl copy.

Released 17/09/2007 on Virgin.