Neilufahr Alimohamadi

14:42 19th July 2007

‘Jealous Girls´ is yet another dancefloor filler from Gossip that may not have the anthemic quality of the former two singles (and certainly fewer cowbells), but it more than makes up for it in its panache. Beth Ditto too spouts yet more words of wisdom.  So far, in ´Listen Up´ we’ve been told not to fawn over people who talk shit, and to trust our friends and go for it in ´Standing in the Way of Control´. Now, in 'Jealous Girls´ she tells us,  “Jealousy won´t get you anything that you lost.” Inspired.

Gossip singles can sound a little subdued, but the live track brings back the sexy, growling, punk attitude that we’ve come to expect from the delectable Ditto and co. It’s just as well we’ve got Beth Ditto to guide us through the trials and tribulations of the indie world. Now perhaps Channel four could listen up and not produce anything as revolting as Skins ever, ever again.

Released 20/08/07 on Backyard Records