'Could easily be considered one of Manson's best productions to date'
Flora Neighbour

13:39 30th April 2012

Marilyn Manson's long awaited new album, 'Born Villan' proves itself up to his usual high quality from the word go with the reflective opening track 'Hey, Cruel World' setting the standard high for the shock-rocker's latest release.

As the eighth studio album continues, the return of the throaty, ominous, growls that are associated with the fearful singer become more regular. Once again the music provided by the heavy metal singer manages to blend different genres with a great outcome. For example, the track 'Pistol Whipped', which incorporates much more punky riffs against ripping chords, monotonous beats and some repetition, ultimately widens the album's appeal and embeds the track into the listener's head for hours after.

This latest release, could easily be considered one of Manson’s best productions to date, mixes haunting poetry with dramatic tones, which works extremely well in the track 'Overneath The Path of Misery', with the dark poetry borrowed from Shakespeare. 'Out, out, brief candle'; is whispered in the rock icon's harrowing voice as the track opens.

The album's uneasy lyrics are manipulated and blended over the many tracks simple, yet dramatic beats. For example, 'Slo-motion', moves the album away from heavier metal and makes Manson's music easier to digest.

'Born Villain' feels well considered and each track feels like an individually crafted piece of work. On his eighth album outing, the fiercely anti-establishment Marilyn Manson has produced a creative and well executed album, blending different genres but never discarding the aggression and passion for which we know him so well.