Truly breathtaking and sentimental...
Holly Frith

13:24 14th March 2011

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Whilst we’re all awaiting the arrival of the Arctic Monkeys next serving ‘Suck It And See’, frontman Alex Turner thought he’d slip in the release of the six-track EP ‘Sumarine’. The soundtrack for IT Crowd’s Richard Ayoade’s directional debut is truly breathtaking and sentimental as I'm sure the the film itself will be.

Based on the novel by Joe Dunthorne, Submarine tells the story of a 15-year old boy struggling to loose his virginity whilst coping with his parents’ separation. A film that needs a soundtrack just as heartfelt.

Taking a step away from his Sheffield co, Turner has found that a little acoustic love does the job just fine. In the last five years since Arctic Monkeys appeared with their northern tales of teenage angst, many could have forgotten just what a talented, romantic songwriter Turner is at just twenty five.

Always the storyteller, Turner has found his niche in these sentimental tracks. Opening with the line: “It’s like you’re trying to get to heaven in a hurry but the queue was shorter than you thought it would be and the doorman says you need to get a wristband”, track ‘It’s Hard To Get Around The Wind’ is one of the highlights on the EP.

Stripped back to a piano and acoustic guitar, Turner’s voice carries effortlessly across the six-track EP, which notches up in under twenty minutes. With strumming guitars and bassline, the folksey‘ Piledriver Waltz’ is the perfect ending to a soundtrack that will help you relive those years of teenage dreams and youthful fears.

Many may be waiting for those festival anthems from Turner but in the time being ‘Submarine’ is the filler we’ve all been in need of.

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