Ever wanted your favourite punk band to go Mexican?
Jon Bye
14:00 17th August 2009

Ever wanted your favourite punk band to go Mexican? Really?! Intrigue has surrounded The Bronx ever since they announced they were doing a Marachi album (in the tradition of Mexican travelling musicians....just watch Desperado for background). I assumed it would be a half-arsed, piss-take bonus disk. But no, they've done it properly. And its freaking me out.

I'm not afraid to say I'm a little out of my depth. I mean what was the last mariachi album you listened to? But this feels like a genuine offering. Traditional, acoustic and heart-felt lyrics (all in English you might be glad to hear), its a great translation for a band who have always proved themselves to be just as genuine in their brutal punk rock.. And the tracks themselves are pretty good, with 'Silver or Lead' particularly admirable for its complex arrangement of instruments.

Its fair to say this punk outfit has successfully gone marichi – if only for an album and a few tour dates. But it leaves me wondering what's next? Sex Pistols unplugged? Gallows go folk? Green Day actually get good?!? I won't hold my breath.