The singer discussed re-examining his career in a new interview
Alexandra Pollard

09:57 16th April 2015

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Adam Lambert has spoken of having to "re-examine" his career prior to recording his latest album.

Lambert first rose to fame as a contestant on American Idol in 2009, finishing runner-up before becoming the touring lead singer of Queen from 2012.

He's also released two solo albums, but has now spoken of questioning his own career following the release of his second LP Trespassing in 2012. In a new interview with Notion magazine, Lambert said, "The music industry is so crazy, competitive and focused, and after the 'Trespassing' album I kind of had to stop and ask myself, 'Why am I doing this? What do I want? Who am I? What am I about?' And just re-examine everything."

He continued, "I finally became more grounded about all of the fame stuff; it's not freaking me out any more. There were certain ways in which I triumphed and certain ways in which I stumbled a little bit. Unfortunately, people were watching while I was learning."

The singer also spoke of his decision to come out as gay early on his career: "I came out five years ago in a scene where I didn't have a lot of people to look to or a blueprint for advice. I was flying blind. At that time, I was reading things that were being written about me and it was affecting me both negatively and positively. It was really intense to get dropped into that whole world really quickly."

Lambert's third album, The Original High, is due for release this summer, and single 'Ghost Town' will be premiering on 21 April and out in the UK on 7 June. He and Queen are also among the rumours to headline Glastonbury 2015. 

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