'Quite possibly the classiest thing Brixton has ever seen'
Peter Kandunias

19:32 30th January 2015

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Jessie Ware’s mixture of soul and pop coupled with her astonishingly good vocal range makes tonight quite possibly the classiest evening that Brixton Academy has ever seen.

Playing infectious tunes from both her first album Devotion, as well as more retro-sounding belters from her fabulous new album Tough Love, this gives way to a difference between the playful, catchy hooks heard on songs such as ‘Sweet Talk’ and ‘Sweetest Song’ and the more soulful side displayed during performances such as ‘Want Your Feeling’ and ‘You & I Forever’. This brings out a certain juxtaposition that Ware seems to have mastered on stage between the smiley, enthusiastic, wide-eyed girl who interacts so freely with her audience and the determined, diva persona she possesses when a spotlight appears.

So powerful is this diva persona that Ware is worthy of being compared to the likes of Sade and Whitney Houston. 
Her backing band are as rich and textured as her voice; her set feels slick and chic, much like her attire and as a unit they seem to understand the emotion behind every note during a rousing performance of single ‘Tough Love’ as well as the bombastic ‘Night Light’.

Every single emotion that Ware tries to convey becomes crystal clear to the audience. But of course, the highlight of the evening is undoubtedly a heart-stirring rendition of ‘Wildest Moments’. Brixton Academy becomes a hall full of chanters, worshiping Ware and singing each and every one of her words back. It's during this performance that you realise Ware has a true gift for making an intimate connection with her listeners.

It is evident that every audience member feels some kind of emotional attachment with these words making this a very special night for the punters at Brixton Academy, as well as, of course, the native South Londoner herself.

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Photo: WENN