'If McBusted did play the set again, we'd probably be here til sunrise'
Grace Carroll
09:09 7th July 2014

BST Hyde Park's line up was an odd mix of young talent (Diversity, The Vamps), has­beens (Scouting For Girls) and an altogether rather epic nostalgia-­fest (hello, Backstreet Boys). By all rights, McBusted should really have fit in the last category ­ and they did, in a way, but they also managed to be something else entirely.

McBusted ­(that's all of McFly and two­-thirds of Busted, if you were wondering)­ have said that they know what people want from them, and if it's catchy pop music to have a dance to then they certainly deliver.

From the moment that the band burst out on stage and straight into 'Air Hostess', it's so incredibly clear how happy they all are to be there. The absence of ex­Busted member Charlie Simpson aside, McFly and Busted mesh so well that it's obvious they're great friends both on and off stage.

Almost all the hits are covered ­ 'What I Go To School For', 'You Said No' and 'Sleeping With The Lights On' are highlights for Busted, and McFly rock 'Obviously', 'Stargirl' and 'Five Colours In Her Hair' (although sadly, no 'That Girl').

Towards the end of the set, the band complain that they don't want to leave. "Why don't we just do the set again?" And for a moment, it seems like they might ­ 'Air Hostess' gets a replay, with every bit as much fervor as the first time, and no one in the audience seems to even think of leaving. In fact, if McBusted did play the set again, we'd probably be here til sunrise.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and this one ends with a bang. An energetic encore of Busted classic 'Year 3000' is performed with wild abandon, while multiple fireworks and streamers explode through the air.

It might not be cool to like McBusted, but it's definitely a damn good time.

Below: more photos of McBusted's triumphant show in Hyde Park

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