'It's all just too easily forgettable'
Joanne Ball

18:23 20th September 2013

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The second studio album by Jessie J certainly showcases her singing talent, but while Alive is a mix of good tracks and powerful lyrics - a lot which is too similar to what's been before, or even what is plainly out at the moment.

While none of the songs match the anthemic statements that lead single 'Wild' had when it stormed to No.1, the album is littered with big but not memorable songs like 'Excuse My Rude' - more akin to' It's my Party', which is badly lacking in personality.

There are a couple of slower numbers among big beat songs,  such as 'I Miss Her' - an emotional ballad which showcases the true potential of Jessie's vocals, or 'Square One' -which is good but more controlled. T

The closing title track ends alive on a merciful high. What strikes more than the music, which is more than a little samey is the array of topics covered in the lyrics. The refreshing range of topics promote strength and independence, though falls on the side of a cliched, singing self help book sometimes.

There's a collaboration with Brandy on 'Conquer the World', which is a friendship 'go to' song and a surefire 'pick me up' if you're feeling blue. Brandy's bassy vocals add a brief r&b edge to the album, as do other collaborators Big Sean and Dizzie Rascal. Shockingly, this has meant shunning tracks with Tinie Tempah and Robin Thicke - -which will now be found elsewhere.

All in all, Alive is 'a getting ready to go out album', with a few tracks you might put in your party playlist, but most which you hear, enjoy, and then too easily forget.

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