Can the young star shake off her X Factor roots?
Siobhan Frew
10:24 20th September 2013

Diana Vickers is one of the more successful X Factor alumni, having scored solo success following her stint on the 2008 series. Music To Make Boys Cry is her second studio album, having also turned her hand to acting in London's West End, a film and a launcing a fashion line.

Her first album was a reliable pop debut that went to No.1 in the charts, and she returns to her roots with this ten track offering. Music To Make Boys Cry mixes modern pop sounds with a tribute to the eighties synth pop era.

The album maintains a consistently good throughout, with each track standing on its own merits. All could be successful single contenders, the melody and lyrics on 'Lightening Strikes' are impressive, with parts of it sounding reassuringly similar to 90s dance track ‘Sunchyme’ by Dario G. Whether nods to the albums retro influences was intentional or not, Vickers pulls it off with credibility. The album is remains strong in terms of lyrics and melody, yet at times swaying dangerously close to twee, such as on track ‘Mr Postman’, but Vickers' vocals manage to rein it back.

Music To Make Boys Cry could easily be dismissed as a generic pop album from an ex X Factor contestant. But on repeated listens, which Vickers' credibility is deserving of, the album is an impressive record. The considerable time Diana Vickers has put into the album, as well as her decision to stick to her whimsical pop sound which brough her to fame at just 16, have certainly paid off.

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