'A great one for summer, released in the depths of winter...'
michael baggs
10:53 28th January 2013

Yo Bonita is packed with upbeat blends of old school hip-hop, jazz, funk, Motown and salsa, but not without The Cuban Brothers' own original take on the genres. The talented musicians have an endless role call of collaborations, including Mick Jagger, Amy Winehouse and Nick Cave, while also supporting James Brown, Del La Soul and The Prodigy.

The intro, ‘Salsation’, opens with a huge salsa beat, full of rhythm and swag. Short, yet effective, the track fills you with a gradual anticipation for the rest of the album. As we move into the second offering ‘Roll Call’, which features Kurtis Blow and Abbominal, you can hear the funk filling the room, leaving you grinning from ear to ear.

One of the best tracks on the album has to be ‘Mike 4 President’. Opening with that definite carnival beat but with modern undertones. Strengthened with the drawn-out harmonic chords, underneath fast lyrics and upbeat flutes. While, it contains a drop, filled with a chorus of singers, giving it more depth – a great one for summer.

The track ‘Lights out’ holds a much heavier beat, with saxophones and fast paced funk. Again, with the quick lyrics of the MC, it could be mistaken as a recording from the late 60’s, with a definite James Brown feel. Moving onto the soulful and sexy reminiscent song ‘So Sweet’, featuring Mica Paris. Plus, check out their funk version of the Motorhead classic ‘Ace of Spades’.

The punchy, rhythmic album is built on different samples and genres, giving you an infectious group of songs, that will undoubtedly get you shaking your hips around the room. Overall it’s a triumphant dance album, using a clever use of layering, riffs and lyrics, in a brilliant Cubano style.