'Underrated and overlooked as one of the world's finest pop performers'
michael baggs
15:12 14th September 2012

When it comes to the Holy Trinity of early 00s pop starlets, Pink was always seen as something of a wild child compared to rivals Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. However, a few tattoos and biker husband can't really compare to head shaving or rumoured addiction problems now, can they?

So while Britney and Christina have prolonged their careers with tabloid trauma and reality TV jobs, Pink has worked tirelessly at her distinct brand of inspirational lady-pop, churning out great hit singles with alarming regularity - each one more anthemic than the last. The star has taken a turn for the even more relaxed in recent years, becoming a mum for the first time - which she references frequently during her iTunes headline gig.

Support by rising (and amazing) new US indie stars Walk The Moon, Pink opens her set with a pair of tracks from her new album The Truth About Love - which are great, but sets the tone for a show that is packed with new tracks. And it's not only the audience who are unsure of tracks such as 'How Come You're Not Here' and 'Try' - Pink isn't either, telling the audience that she has the lyrics to tracks written on her phone and stumbling over lyrics on a number of occasions. Perhaps she was thinking about nappies.

When the hits came however, Pink rattled them out thick and fast - with masturbation anthem 'U & UR Hand', 'Just Like A Pill', 'So What' and new hit 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' all nuggets of fiesty pop gold. Sadly 'Dear Mr President' is still a turgid bore, but once again has political relevance with the US threat of having Mitt Romney as president. "I think Obama will win," she tells the (largely female) audience.

Pink is a near perfect pop performer - bounding across the stage with energy no mum of one should have to spare and never dropping a note across her 75 minute set. She even offers to perform CPR on a young girl who faints during the show, making first aid seem suddenly rather rude. Somehow still underrated and overlooked as one of the world's finest pop performers, Pink may not make many headlines, but that's because she's far too busy being amazing at her day job. Long may she find employment.