'It's not rock and roll unless you wake up the next day with confetti in your pants'
David Renshaw
11:35 13th September 2012

The Killers are clear advocates of the old saying 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it', having stuck to their tried and tested formula of epic stadium pop rock since their 2004 debut, Hot Fuss.

It's one that's worked for the band, judging by how many hit singles the Las Vegas band packed into their 75minute performance at their headline slot at the iTunes Festival. What the show lacked in variety it more than made up for in huge hit singles and modern rock classics.

Supported by the deservedly-hyped Jake Bugg, whose indie image is slightly at odds with his soul influenced guitar pop sound. Sure, he's got the hair of Mile Kane or Paul Weller, but voice and emotion more akin to Plan B or Maverick Sabre. This massively talented teenager is also in some ways similar to a rock and roll Ed Sheeran - young, sensitive and rarely without an acoustic guitar - but the sound here is less sixth form rambling, more mature, vintage introspection.

The Killers scoff in the face of introspection however, when it comes to Brandon Flowers and the boys, its all about big choruses, big hits and crowd singalongs. The band open with 'Runaways', which already sounds like an old favourite, before dropping one of their biggest hits, 'Somebody Told Me' without so much as a 'hello' or a 'good evening'. Flowers' dazzling white teeth are the perfect stage prop for 'Smile Like You Mean It', while 'Spaceman', new track 'Flesh And Bone' and 'For Reasons Unknown' whizz by in a blur of synths, drums and soaring, flawless vocals from one of music's most charismatic frontmen.

Not satisfied with holding back some of their biggest hits (including 'Human', 'Mr Brightside' and 'All These Things That I've Done') for the climax of the show, the audience are treated to a massive confetti shower during the second half of 'When You Were Young'. This being The Killers however, this was no cheap stage trick. The audience were showered in personalised Killers foil - red and silver foil shaped like the lightning bolt on their Battle Born album cover and a 'K' for Killers. No one tell Ke$ha about the confetti thing - she was probably considering firing something similar (possibly from a personal cavity) during her next tour.

The band dropped just three new songs into their 75 minute performance, and in doing so showed real respect for their fans. Unlike many bands with a new album to promote, their current live show is made with the audience in mind. It's packed full of hits and big feelgood moments and fans are guaranteed to leave, not only with hits ringing in their ears, but glittery ks in their hair, pockets and handbags. It's not rock and roll unless you wake up the next day with confetti in your pants.

Below: The Killers play all the hits at London show