And add more dates to their North American tour...
Paul Reay

14:11 22nd July 2005
four and a half stars


CKY - 'An Answer Can Be Found'Sometimes we hear a record that hits us right in the gut. In the car, we turn up the radio, in a record store, we stand near the speaker, and in a club we ask the DJ to play the track again. CKY’s new album ‘An Answer Can Be Found’ is one of these fantastically rare records.

From Philadelphia in the US, their newest album is their fourth to date and sees the band move some way away from it’s skateboard Nu-metal image. With sickle shaped guitar lines and a drummer that flits between feel changes with the ease of a well lubricated engine changing gear, the vocals provided by Deron Miller and Jess Margera are truly majestic. Guitars twist and writhe around each other like fighting Cobras and compliment wonderfully the doubled vocals so one melody leads directly to another.

Sounding like a cross between Weezer and Stone Temple Pilots with the song sensibilities of Linkin Park, there’s so much interest in each of the songs that it gets better with each listen. The album opener ‘Suddenly Tragic’ is outstanding, with the lyrics providing the album title. The lyrics themselves are angry yet positive "Beyond a bad experience, vengeance swings around" sings Deron in a tight 70’s sounding voice. The band are certainly not afraid of playing heavier groove like ‘Tripled Maniac State’ which sounds like early eighties thrash done way better then Exodus ever could. However, the thing that comes across is the attention to melody. Not since ‘Alice Chains’ have we heard a band which has spent so much nailing the harmonies and allowing emotion to come out which doesn’t sound forced.

A downside to this album is its length. At 38 minutes your left feeling that an album 5 times the length wouldn’t have gone amiss. Technically there’s nothing new here – no new genre of music created or weird affects or song structures - it’s just four guys playing great tunes and believing in what they’re doing. In synopsis, CKY have given us wonderful album that must be purchased by all immediately!