You're sure to enjoy every second of it...
Will Lavin
16:31 4th October 2011

On their third go around, heavyweight rockers You Me At Six most certainly bring the noise. Not contempt with being just the Best British Band, as voted for at this year’s Kerrang! Awards, with the release of ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ it almost seems as if they’re gunning to be the best band period, regardless of their origin. Sounding more and more like their American counterparts, the instrumental solidity and, most of the time, melodic expressions of love, pain, and pleasure make for one pretty exciting offering courtesy of the boys from Surrey.

Loving life and allowing it to ooze out in to their music, the band get a tad bit love struck on the outstanding ‘No One Does It Better’. More established rock than emo pop, the song and it’s delicately played guitar chords holds a certain hypnotic power. Not able to drag yourself away from the oncoming speaker traffic, it does more than enough to leave you wanting more of the same.

Standing at just 10 tracks in length, the album seems a bit short. However, this is one of those few times when quality over quantity can be demonstrated at a high standard. Just take a listen to the emotionally-inspiring ‘Crash’. Calmly executed with words that could make any man weep, this is the reason why you have to pick this album up. While album one – ‘Take Off Your Colours’, was the band’s edgy introduction, and album two – ‘Hold Me Down’, being pretty much the same except with a bit more experience to their name, this album is much more refined in all departments.

Still offering a little screaming here and there, namely on the closing cut, ‘Little Bit Of Truth’, new and old fans are going to be pleased either way. There’s something pretty special about a band that manages to stay consistent through thick and thin, remain a unit, and continue to put out both head nodding bangers and thought provoking gems. ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ is for anyone interested in getting musically high from all angles.

With a few guest spots – Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes on ‘Bite My Tongue’, and Winston McCall on ‘Time Is Money’, the album was produced by Garth Richardson, whose name constantly does the rounds with many of the industry’s finest. With that said you can see why it sounds the way it does. The boys went to town, snatched up all of the right elements, and now have a solid record on their hands.

Think Biffy Clyro meets Fall Out Boy and you’ll get an idea of what to expect. Whether it’s the rapid-fire persistency of ‘Jaws On The Floor’ or the relaxed nature that ‘This Is The First Thing’ portrays, you’re sure to enjoy every second of it.

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