Highly engaging and varied...
Chris Reynolds

14:43 11th June 2010

You may not know Uffie so let me introduce you. She’s a Miami born, Hong-Kong raised and Paris based rapper who happens to call Justice her labelmates. This fact may also link you to where you have heard her filthy rapping before – on ‘Tthhee Ppaarrttyy’ on Justice’s album ‘Cross’. She also counts Pharell Williams as a friend (and collaborator), and is now finally delivering her debut effort ‘Sex, Dreams and Denim Jeans’, despite emerging in 2006. Oh and she’s still only 22.

So, rather oddly, you have to ask yourself is this debut album worth the wait. Well Uffie clearly believes so judging by the rather heavy self-promotion she utilises throughout (most vocals revolve around her, what she does and how other perceive her) – modesty is not in her armoury. But don’t forget that arrogance is golden in some acts and fatal in others.

Uffie has also turned her hand to a variety of styles, be it the straight up spitting style of ‘MCs Can Kiss’ or the cute pop hooks of ‘Pop the Glock’. The former is a razor-sharp lyrical assault with enough bombast to fuel the war in Afghanistan.

Her vocal style is also just as varied, with dirty seductive rapping (‘Neuneu’) being thrown in alongside more introverted dance influences (‘First Love’) – it’s just a genuinely frenzied mix of musical styles but somehow it kind of clicks.
Pharell pops up on ‘ADD SUV’ and tattoos the album with his idiosyncratic style, but Uffie is at her sharpest when she’s deep down and dirty in her lyrical style. ‘Art It Uff’ has a healthy influence of Justice (which is no bad thing) and is delivered brilliantly.

‘Sex, Dreams and Denim Jeans’ is a messy album with little flow, but it’s also a highly engaging and varied. She may be a confused egomaniac but she’s a damned interesting one.