Bigger than Rik Waller on a weekend McBinge...
Huw Jones
12:11 22nd August 2008

A producer, DJ and global phenomenon who needs no introductions, Paul Oakenfold is a man whose reputation precedes him. Not only does his musical career span thirty years and almost as many musical genres, but he’s worked alongside a dazzling array of artistes including The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, U2 and Madonna, signed DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince as well as Salt N Pepper and represented the Beastie Boys and Run-D.M.C. And if that wasn’t enough he even penned the theme to Big Brother and a whole bundle of other TV and film soundtracks besides. And with 2008 welcoming a Las Vegas residency at Rain Nightclub, he’s not done yet. OK, so after breaking the initial promise of no introductions necessary, lets cut to the chase; ‘Oakenfold Anthems’.

Spanning three discs, over as many hours and fifty tracks, to say that this collection is bigger than Rik Waller on a weekend McBinge is a massive understatement. But lets get one thing straight; Oakenfold isn’t a shabby 45 year old reluctant to hang up his headphones or let go of his youth. A true pioneer of the electronic music scene and arguably one of the worlds most influential DJ’s ‘Oakenfold Anthems’ is a mix of tracks that define some of the most important moments in the past two decades of dance music.

The collection starts with 1997’s trance anthem ‘Flaming June’ performed by BT (AKA The Prince of Dance Music) and from there on in, it’s the equivalent of one big disco biscuit chomping night of excess featuring Underworld’s ‘Born Slippy’, Faithless’ ‘Salva Mea’, Kosheen’s ‘Hide U’ and Lio’s ‘Rapture’ as well as his very own signature remix of U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’.

Whether you’re a car park cruising Burberry wearing boy racer, dance music connoisseur or just a memory lane pedestrian, with fifty floor filling tracks to gurn your way through this collection is a must have.