A microcosm of emotion
Jack McGill
13:10 20th May 2022

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Sydney’s Body Type have made their mark and planted the seeds of success for a promising future with their debut album Everything Is Dangerous but Nothing’s Surprising. From rageful and cathartic 'The Brood', to the wading bedroom reality of 'Couple Song', Body Type have produced an album full of bites of life. It’s a microcosm of emotion.

The quartet reveal their ability to make you feel straight off: simple yet electric opener 'The Line's fuzzy and wriggling guitar tones feel like they crawl and envelop your nervous system. Soon after though, they aren’t shy to establish their voice and point of view. Body Type are pissed off on 'The Brood' and retaliate against the misogynistic types of the industry with sharp lines like You call me consumer, I call you conformist”. 'The Animal' also hits back at sexist zombies with a primal unison exuding from the quartet as they wear hearts on their sleeves. 'Hot Plastic Punishment' later keeps the brand of retaliation and taste of retribution present, whilst gushing absolute grunge in just a fifty-second snippet of stretchy bass and whining guitar play.

Lighter and more relaxed moments are present too, but rest assured that they don’t lack messaging: everything on the album feels like an anecdote of either dismay or reluctant memories that intrude on your brain's regularly scheduled programming. Take 'Flight Path' and 'Buoyancy', which both entice you with the pop sensibilities that they ooze then clamp in their claws with the tales they tell. 

It wouldn’t be a rock/punk album without something painfully lucid and melancholic, and 'Couple Song' makes you yearn for the neighbours and their complicated relationship that you though you could fix. 'Futurism' is purely anxiety-inducing, like you’re standing on the edge of a cliff with your demise just feet away — but that’s what injects you with the rare feeling of being alive for once. 

You listen to this debut and think “They really get me don’t they?”. Everything Is Dangerous but Nothing’s Surprising is varied in sound, thought and attitude. It’s unique in the way that it doesn’t hit the quotas of a post-punk or noise rock album, just for the sake of it being successful — Body Type have done it their way unforgivingly. 

Everything Is Dangerous but Nothing's Surprising is out now.

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