Blissful, uplifting, thoughtful + emotional
Gavin Brown
15:13 5th May 2022

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Warpaint make a glorious return with their long-awaited fourth album Radiate Like This, their first album in six years. They've cited “babies, jobs, tours, solo albums, intercontinental and cross country moves" as the reasons behind the long wait, but when the results are as enchanting as the songs on Radiate Like This, then it is has definitely been worth the wait. 

Emily Kokal's vocals on this album are as exquisite as ever and seem to float on the dreamy soundscapes that the band emit and her guitar playing remains as good as it did when Warpaint emerged with their debut album. 

The rest of the band play a blinder throughout too. Jenny Lee Lindberg's basslines really stand out and the groove her and drummer Stella Mozgawa bring together is outstanding. Kokal and fellow guitarist Theresa Wayman's guitar work deserved special mentions too, with their subtle playing always standing out. 

As ever, the dreamlike nature of the music of Warpaint is their biggest strength and the melodies and grooves sound like they are floating on a cloud and the songs on Radiate Like This are no exception.

Opening track 'Champion' gets things off to a sublime start, and from then on it’s a series of sheer highs and perfectly timed for release with the summer upcoming as these songs are primed for hazy summer days and nights and will sound amazing whe they are played on the bands upcoming live dates. The songs on this album are the sound of Warpaint refreshed and you can tell there is a renewed enthusiasm within the band with this album. 

Tracks like 'Hips', 'Stevie', 'Altar' and 'Melting' are all perfect examples of that Warpaint sound and the band sound just as great as they did when they first exploded with their The Fool debut album. These are perfectly formed tracks that demonstrate exactly the power of the music of Warpaint and are delivered with a laidback but passionate energy, and the band's assured confidence is also present and correct. 

The beautiful haziness of Warpaint's music is what strikes you in its duration but there is also is a certain darker undercurrent on songs such as 'Hard To Tell You', 'Like Sweetness', 'Proof' and closing number 'Send Nudes' but this juxtaposition from the hazy nature of the band's music is what makes Warpaint such a special band, and the darkness and light contrast of their music flows perfectly. 

Radiate Like This is a superb return from Warpaint, full of blissful, uplifting, thoughtful and emotional songs and it’s great to have them back making such brilliant music. Hopefully they won’t leave it as long next time when they return with new material. 

Radiate Like This arrives 6 May via Herilooms/Virgin Records.

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