Old-school indie for the new generation
Lucy Harbron
10:01 27th April 2022

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The newest offering from indie rock veterans Girlpool, Forgiveness sees the band stepping into modern territories with a more crafted look and a developed sound. Introducing more electronic sounds into their repertoire, lead singles ‘Faultline’ and ‘Lie Love Lullaby’ hinted at the new era, merging the same candid lyricism with a broader range of instrumentation, heavier guitars and programmed beats.

Seeming to take new inspiration from avant-pop leaders like Caroline Polachek, Charli XCX and Mitski — while still staying true to their American-suburb origins as the spirit of Elliot Smith seems to preside over tracks like ‘See Me Now’ — this is old-school indie for the new generation. 

Finding a dreamy place between the nostalgic sounds of 2014 indie and the 2022 penchant for less comfortable sonics, Forgiveness balances the scales between challenging and crowd-pleasing. Perfectly-timed for the revival of Indie Sleaze, Forgiveness firmly solidifies Girlpool’s place in its refreshed cultural relevance.

Forgiveness arrives 29 April via Anti.

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