Scathing, obnoxious, and unapologetic
Ken Wynne
10:00 19th April 2022

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Bob Vylan wants to fight. "I’m no pacifist, I’m smashing fists at every single racist prick I meet," bites vocalist Bobby Vylan over distorted guitas riffs. "...maybe if I made pacifist punk? Non-violence always makes for a great track..." he faux contemplates. Nah, fuck that! Violence is the only response to violence in the dangerously direct 'Pretty Songs'.

Exploring inequality—and the extremes people go through in order to survive—with vitriol and sarcasm in equal measure, Bob Vylan's got Great Britannia hypnotised with don’t-give-a-fuck genre-blending political punk. "Let’s go dig up Maggie’s grave and ask her where the milk went," Bobby suggests during the dog eat dog opening track 'Wicked & Bad'. Are you listening?

It's getting harder for people to eat healthily when "the killing of kids with £2 chicken and chips is a tactic of war, waged on the poor" Bobby raps on 'Health is Wealth'; Bobbie Vylan's percussive groove allowing for smoother digestion of the message. And let's not talk about the 'GDP' on the BBC when most live a poverty-stricken lifestyle that encourages violence and cultivates racial aggression.

The London-based grime-punk duo understands the reality of being Black and/or poor in Britain, conceptualising current social issues into a scathing, obnoxious, and unapologetic LP. You understand Bob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life is more than just music, right? It's a fucking protest.

Bob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life arrives 22 April.

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