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Catrin Picton
12:32 30th March 2022

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Indie sweethearts Warmduscher deliver an album chock full of sumptuous smooth dance, funk, soul pumped through with plenty of upbeat, fun disco beats on their new album At The Hotspot.

Their first album with label Bella Union, fresh and new is the theme as Clams Baker Jr (Craig Louis Higgins Jr), Bleu Ottis, Quicksand (Adam J Harmer), Mr. Salt Fingers Lovecraft (Ben Romans-Hopcraft) and The Witherer aka Little Whiskers (Quinn Whalley) present a sparkly sound thick with spoken word repetition, '80s music synths and a party vibe. 

Perfect for afters and a sure groove, At the Hotspot feels like you have entered the hottest party in the city and you are the coolest cat in the joint. Created over a year during lockdown, the album keeps some optimism throughout, reminding fans the party doesn’t have to stop. It certainly doesn’t hold back as funk and soulful vocals soothe over the strong language and upbeat rhythms. 

Their 2019 album Tainted Lunch may have been recorded in just four days but this latest offering feels like it could be the soundtrack to the most debauched four days of summer—but also the chilled out aftermath.

In truly serendipitous fashion, Joe and Al of Hot Chip offered to jump in to produce the record when their favoured producer—Speedy Wunderground's Dan Carey—was struck down with Covid. The result is a slightly cleaner sound as Warmduscher has become known for their fuzzed-out sound courtesy of Dan.

Glorious vocals over an aggressive lyric of "fuck that guy at the gym" in 'Wild Flowers' bring some power to an easy-going melody. A strutting anthem sure to give you confidence to walk in to even the scariest room, 'Fatso's stretchy synth and seamless bass provides an undeniable groove. 

'Twitchin in the Kitchen’s catchy chant of "2 4 out the door sniffin’ on the kitchen floor let’s go," marks the beginning of leaving the house for a summer adventure while 'Five Star Rated' is a mega star hit that captures a city in the heat.

We are all going to be chanting along to these songs this summer as Clams has said: “We’re just really psyched to play this whole thing live now". See you groovin’ in the grass.  

Live at the Hotspot arrives 1 April from Bella Union.

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