The raucous Aussie punks are back with album two, and what an album it is
Charlie Brock
11:43 8th September 2021

Following on from their self-titled debut (2019), Amyl have returned with considerable style and noise. Their second album, Comfort To Me, opens with lead single 'Guided By Angels', a track that follows the Amyl blueprint whilst showing a level of maturity and growth from album one.

The theme of ear worm punk continues apace. 'Freaks To The Front' is a less than two-minute stomp with colossal riffs and a guitar solo that Angus Young would be proud of. Amyl don’t give you a second to catch up before they launch into 'Choices', a track with a verse that sounds like a Queens of The Stone Age number and a chorus that could be Chubby and the Gang: it’s a fantastic mix of slugdy post-rock and ferocious mullet-punk.

Second single 'Security' is a real highlight: Amyl haven’t tinkered too much with their sound in the eighteen months between albums, but there is certainly a real sense of maturity and self-awareness within the band now—clearly they don’t take themselves too seriously and they’re here to have a great fucking time. 'Hertz' is a funky number with another QOTSA style groove to it, before Amyl unleash a face-melter of a solo. The guitar tone for the solos on this record is something else; this band are such talented musicians and Comfort To Me gives each member a chance to really shine. 

Comfort To Me will slot in perfectly to Amyl’s live set. 'Capital' is the next track and probably the pick of the bunch, Taylor raging against the modern world and modern life, just as any punk band worth their salt should.

Amyl kicks into overdrive now: 'Don’t Need A Cunt Like You' is relentless and hard-hitting...proper balls to the wall pub punk. Taylor spits her lyrics at the wall of guitars in a way that only Amyl could (plus not enough new punk songs have 'cunt' in the title, so extra points there).

Closer 'Snakes' is another high point on an album full of high points. Amyl and the Sniffers are truly the kings of all the mullet punk bands emerging from Australia right now—Comfort To Me is angry in places, as well as vulnerable and outright hilarious in others. It's pretty much the perfect modern punk record: the band have unabashed talent, as well as thunderous fire in their bellies. Superb. 

Comfort To Me arrives 10 September via Rough Trade Records.

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