If this is just the beginning, we're excited to see more...
Ryan McConnell
11:48 18th June 2021

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A question often asked of us merry band of music-loving-gig-goers is this: which one gig was the best out of them all, a performance that may have stopped you in your tracks and encapsulated your mind. It's a question I myself fail to give a singular answer to as I can never choose just one. For Row Janjuah however, one performance in particular set him on a path of enlightenment and clarity: The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

It was there and then that the London born artist knew what he had to do...form a band of epic proportions. Mandrake Handshake is that band and the name itself derives from a BJM track title of the same name. After establishing themselves as a force of sound with their track 'Hypersonic Super-Astrid', the self proclaimed Flowerkraut rockers return with their debut EP Shake The Hand That Feeds You.

The four track epic takes off with an intriguing intro/outro on 'Mandragora', which plays out like the ending to a previous song before transcending into a more uplifting arrangement. Vocal harmomies come married with rhythmic hi-hats and snares which are surrounded by the circling sound of wavy guitar riffs and pedals amping up the groove, all before we are introduced to the steadying and stunning vocals of frontwoman Trinity Oksana.

'Eclogue 11' comes in groove heavy with bassist Danny Jeffries taking centre stage with his hooks placing you in the moment from the off as Trinity guides us through a wanderous tale of longing and escapism from the complexities of life. 'Gonkulator' - the shortest track on the EP - certainly doesn't hold back. The riff bares similarities to prime BJM themselves and Trinity's added aggression in her vocal delivery on this track in particular shares a familiarity with Porridge Radio's, Dana Margolin.

Aptly-named EP closer 'Monolith' is just that: a monolithic 7-minute long wave of hypnotic sound which shows off the individual capabilities of each member of the group in beautiful fashion. If this is just the beginning of what this group are capable of, I am excited to see how far they can go.

Shake The Hand That Feeds You is out now via Nice Swan.

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