A considered introduction without a six-string in sight
Shannon COTTON
18:00 12th March 2020

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In 2020’s fast-approaching dystopian landscape, another thing we did not expect to see is former Maccabee Orlando Weeks on stage, performing brand new solo material, without a single six-string in sight. Taking to the stage at EartH in East London last night (11 March), the evening offers a glimpse into the ethereal and atmospheric musings Weeks has been working on for his latest musical endeavour. “The record is finished,” he enlightens as he introduces the collection of new songs. 

Every aspect of the live show has been clearly and concisely considered, from the positioning of the keyboardist, drummer and DJ trumpeter who make up Orlando’s live band to the lighting arrangements that align with the tracks perfectly. It’s an immersive experience. 

It’s easy to get lost in the new songs too as they ooze with layer upon layer of intricate percussion, cascading keys and subtle hints of jazz. “This is a lullaby,” says the musician as he introduces a song about his child before softly singing the refrain, “my son” and the tender sentiment tugs at heartstrings across the room. 

He also joins his keyboardist to play the instrument with him for another one of the new numbers. “This is just the start, where it all begins. What a treat to do this in here, and with all of you,” reaffirms Orlando before introducing the final two songs. The first of which is ‘Safe In Sound’, the first official release from the project. The brass inhales, exhales and floats around the room as the drums slowly build, and it’s all glued together with his quintessential, delicate vocal. This bold and brave new direction has certainly paid off, and we’re excited to see where it goes next. 

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Photo: Sophie Vaughan